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Standing Meeting


Executive coaching is a creative process that enables you to maximize your professional and personal potential.

Working 1:1 with Sarah, you will identify and hone your strengths, and uncover areas that might be impeding your growth. Areas of support include strategic thinking, inclusive leadership, delegation, executive presence, career management, conflict resolution, mastering feedback, emotional intelligence, and cultivating an inspiring vision.

After 6-month engagements, clients report that they have been able to find more enjoyment in their work, and often excel beyond what they thought possible, building on their strengths and learning new skills and tools for an increasingly fast-paced and agile work environment.

Whether your coaching is sponsored by your company or your own investment, we will find a solution to meet your needs. Coaching sessions are virtual at your time convenience. Schedule an introduction session today.

Casual Business Meeting


Looking to support your team through a major transition or development opportunity? Team Coaching & Workshops provide leaders and teams with resources, support, and accountability to navigate change, build resilience, drive performance, and cultivate psychological safety and inclusivity for teams. Reach out to share your specific needs so we can tailor our program to your session.

What We Do: Coaching
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